WARNING: Your Real Estate Investments Are Going To Fail…

*Unless you know the secrets to raising private money and the art of structuring deals in today’s real estate market!

So, Don’t Let A Lack Of Funding Stop You From Profiting In This Market!

Welcome To The

Simple Private Money System

From: Brant Phillips
Re: Raising Private Money

Dear Real Estate Entrepreneur –

First, welcome to the most effective, simple to use Private Money System that exists. Second, I urge you to make sure you read this whole page before leaving. It could mean the difference between continuing down the same old beaten path you hate to death, and changing your life for the better. Forever.

IT DOESN’T MATTER what your experience level or background is with Real Estate, the System we are going to share with you has the power to dramatically improve your financial future in ways you won’t believe…

Can I ask you a question…Are you frustrated there is so much opportunity to make money in real estate right now yet there are so few options to finance the deals that they are just slipping through your fingers? I understand, I was once in that same situation.

Let’s Talk Reality – The old ways of doing things don’t work anymore. It’s a different market today, so you need a strategy that WORKS – right here and right now. The old “no money down” techniques are nowhere to be found in this market and paying hard money lender points and high interest can kill the profit of your deals. Simply put, You Need Access To Cash, cash makes deals happen. PERIOD.

Water, Water Everywhere But Not A Drop To Drink…

Is that how you feel? Deals everywhere but no financing available to buy them? That’s how I felt a few years ago when I was told that my perfect credit could no longer allow me to get 100% financing.

And then I could no longer borrow enough to refinance out of hard money.

And then being completely cut off because I was a full time investor and couldn’t prove income since I took full advantage of all the tax write offs that make investing in real estate so appealing.

So, did I just give up? Believe me, it crossed my mind. But instead…

I Found A Better Way… Using Private Lenders

What I discovered was not just another way, but A BETTER WAY. I figured out how to create ‘win-win’ opportunities for myself and everyday folks looking to get a better return on their savings and in return, this allows me to buy as much Real Estate as I want!

With Private Lenders you can finance all the Real Estate you want without banks, brokers, hard money lenders, or even credit checks. AND WITH NO MONEY DOWN!

Some Of The Benefits Of Using Private Money

Close Faster – No more underwriting red tape. We close many of our deals in as little as 3 days.

Save Money On Fees – No junk fees and high origination costs from conventional brokers. This means more cash in your pocket.

Make Cash Offers – Have your offers taken seriously by having the proof of funds and confidence that you can close in days instead of weeks compared to traditional financing.

More Control Over Terms – With private lenders Everything Is Negotiable. Unlike conventional lending institutions with set guidelines, you now have flexibility to set the terms based on the deal.

Do More Deals – With flexible terms that can even be structured without you having to make monthly payments(!), you can expand your deal flow pipeline and have multiple projects going at the same time without negatively affecting your cash-flow.

And More Benefits, Including:

  • No Credit Check
  • Increased Cash-Flow (accrued & lower interest)
  • Better Deals (with cash offers)
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty
  • No, or fewer points
  • Reduced Closing Costs
  • No Money Down
  • Cash At Closing!

What Can I Use Private Money For?

Purchase of Real Estate (Flips or Rentals) 100% financing is here again! Because of the leverage you will have using private lenders you can feel confident buying deals at huge discounts with Zero Cash Out Of Pocket …Including closing costs.

Repair Costs – When dealing with private investors you can even structure the terms so you can get all of your repair money upfront at closing, without having to do draws.

Cushion – We always recommend borrowing more than you need, as long as the numbers make sense, for cash flow or unexpected emergencies. Try getting that from a mortgage company!

Who Can Be A Private Lender?

Quite frankly, anyone with cash or a self-directed IRA can be a private lender. And, because of the instability of the stock market, there are literally Billions of dollars that have been withdrawn from the stock market by lenders that are looking for alternative places to invest…They are looking for saavy real estate investors like you…here’s what some of the ‘typical’ private lenders ‘look like’…

People with long term, low return investments – this is money they will not be needing for a while. CDs, Money Markets, Passbook Savings accounts.

People who had a previous employer who sponsored a 401K program – these funds can be moved to a self-directed IRA then loaned to an investor to purchase Real Estate.

People who have IRAs getting beat up in the stock market– Many of these people would love to have an investment that EARNS them some money!

People who want more return – In fact, anyone who wants to earn above average returns on an investment of 6 months or more!

Why Would They Want To Lend To Me?

It’s Simple: Because you can offer 3-5 times what they are used to getting from banks and stocks and their investment is backed by real estate.

No more begging for bank loans

Private Lenders are willing to be ‘flexible’ and they want to work with you.

Make sure you understand this:


Furthermore, I’ll show you how to present and structure your deals that make this a ‘win-win’ investment opportunity for you and your private lenders and ways to create an “Irresistible Offer” that will have lenders fighting to loan you money on your next deal! I’ll show you where to drop your line where the fish are hungry!

Once You Understand The System

You Can Raise As Much Money As You Want!

So, I Have To Ask…

Do you want to learn this Simple Private Money System that allows me & my students to make massive profits in real estate without using your own cash or credit and actually put money in your pocket the day you buy a house?

I know, dumb question, who wouldn’t. Due to constant requests, and because I have limited seating at the few speaking engagements I do, I have created this online System for those that are serious about raising private money so you can take advantage of this market and start making real money Flipping or Buying and holding Rent houses…

Without Using Your Own Cash Or Credit,

Without Dealing With Banks and

Without Searching For Answers. . .

“I’ve been able to raise over 2 million dollars in less than 6 months since I learned what Brant taught me”

Jim K.

Learn From A Full Time Real Estate

Investor Who IS Doing It Today

This is not some ‘stale’ course from a national guru teaching what they “used to do” in the ‘80’s. You will learn how real estate investors are actively using private money to fund their real estate deals right now.

Brant Phillips and his partners have participated in hundreds of real estate investment transactions. Brant owns dozens of rental properties and has become a real estate ‘celebrity’ of sort through his achievements in flipping houses for fast cash.

About Brant Phillips: Brant is a former police officer & dishmachine repairman who prides himself on integrity and serving others. Brant purchased his first investment property while living in an apartment with ZERO cash. Since that time, he has purchased, rehabbed, rented and flipped hundreds of properties for himself and partners.

Brant is a true ‘rags to riches’ story and he now works with real estate investors to achieve above market returns with their real estate investments and mentoring others to create the same success he has achieved.

Here he is at his last seminar he held showing others how to use this Simple Private Money System….

Brant has created such a feeding frenzy for private lending in his market that he’s even being asked to go on the news to share some of the love:

Brant is even being considered to star in one of those ‘flipping houses’ tv shows…Here’s part of part of the pilot:

Here’s The Bottom Line…


Look, I know there are a lot of ‘junk’ private money products floating around on the internet promising that you can ‘raise millions in minutes’. I know this because when I first started looking for answers to my problems, I ran across my fair share of “those guys”. That’s not me and that’s not my System. I have built this system from the ground up with only tried and true, simple and effective techniques that work.

So, I think it’s best to “practice what I preach” by showing hard-core proof. Here are some of my closing statements from some of the deals I’ve done in the last year alone…Yes, in this ‘down’ market…

That last one was more than I made the whole year working a J-O-B! 🙂 lol

In case you’re wondering, The answer is Yes…

This System Works For Flips

It Works For Rentals Too

I’m really not trying to impress anyone by showing you all of the money I’ve made in real estate, rather, I’m trying to impress upon you the opportunities that exist in real estate today when you properly leverage private money!

But This Is Not Just About Money…

For most of my students the goal of profiting in the real estate market is not about the money they make, it’s about changing their lives. You see, it doesn’t really matter how much money you make if you’re not enjoying your life.

Real estate has allowed me to break free of the job I hated and schedule that dictated how I spent my days. Don’t set goals based on money, but instead how you want to spend your days. What is retirement? Doing what you want to do when you want to do it! I know this simple to use system can help you use real estate to achieve these goals quicker than you think.

Here Is What Some Of My Students Are Saying…

Want To Finally See How You Can Do It?

The Simple Private Money System

Are You Ready?

Then Stop Looking For Answers!

It’s All Here!

In the Simple Private Money System, you will receive the guidance… direction…and forms necessary to breakthrough and achieve your Real Estate Investing Goals!

I’ll show you how to get up and running fast, providing the basic fundamentals everyone needs to start raising private money quickly!

This System is great for newbies or seasoned investors who are looking to profit in the new era of real estate investing.

Plus You Will Understand…

How to put together a compelling presentation that will have private lenders lining up to fund your deals.

And, how to generate referrals and get your lenders to tell their friends.

PLUS, All of the Private Money FORMS You Will Ever Need…

  • Action Steps
  • Company Intro Letter
  • Elevator Speech
  • Follow-Up Mail Letter
  • How to earn 10% (a letter to send private lenders)
  • Loan Example
  • Magic Words
  • My Rules
  • Payment Schedule Spreadsheet
  • Private Lender Phone Call Script
  • Private Money FLIP Example
  • Private Money RENTAL Example
  • Private Mortgage Lending
  • Promissory Note
  • Questions You Should Be Able To Answer
  • Required Loan Docs
  • Special Report (fully editable for your business)
  • Wealth Building Investment Letter
  • Top 10 IRA Myths
  • Motivated Seller Form


Including a Fully Editable Power Point Presentation That Has Single Handedly Helped Investors




*This is the Power Point presentation that has been used to raise millions…this is worth the price alone!

This Power Point + You Taking Action = Money!


96 PAGE, Home Study Slide Presentation

Designed for you to follow along and create your personal action plan as you follow along



  • A Short Disclosure
  • Advertising Disclaimers
  • Typical Disclosure Statement
  • Disclosure Statement Basics


  • Check Out Requirements
  • Inventory & Condition Form
  • Lead Based Paint Addendum
  • Lease Extension
  • Notice To Vacate
  • Pet Agreement
  • Rent Talk Packet (editable Power Point)
  • Rental Property Deal Analyzer
  • Residential Lease
  • Tenant Application
  • MOTIVATED SELLER FORM (Wholesale Form)


  • General Repair Estimate
  • Rehab Estimate Check List Form
  • Tips For Working With Contractors
  • Foundation Repair Doesn’t Have To Be Scary
  • Lead Based Paint: Renovate Right Brochure
  • Working with Contractors
  • The Ultimate Rehab & Deal Analyzer!


You Will Receive The Critical Action Steps That Will Begin To Create Your Private Money Pipeline on Day 1…

Why Are You Offering All Of Your Secrets?

As you will see, raising private money becomes extremely easy when you begin to apply the proper steps. I have cultivated enough private lending partners to last a lifetime. I don’t need any more private money! The rest can be yours…

Furthermore, I have some bigger goals in mind, and part of my ‘action plan’ includes helping millions of others achieve investing success and ultimately financial freedom. I hope you will become one of our success stories, and when you achieve success, I would ask that you send your testimonial to tell me about it! That’s what this is really about. And yes, of course, I’m going to make proceeds off the sale of this product. After all, I am an entrepreneur so that’s I do…Believe me, I could have charged A LOT more for this product, but it’s not about that. This product is priced low enough to cover the costs while at the same time so that it is affordable enough that ANYONE who has a desire to drastically change their financial future for the better will have that opportunity if they so choose.

So, How Much Will All Of This Cost…?…

Your access to this highly effective, unique system that is extremely easy to use and taught by highly successful Real Estate Investors is available for a limited time for only $97.00, which you will make back multiple times if you take action.


Besides, with the guarantee I am offering, you don’t have anything to lose!

You’ll Love it or You Won’t Pay a Dime!

If you are skeptical that’s normal. But I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity just because some product you’ve purchased in the past didn’t live up to your expectations.

Instead, take advantage of the no-risk MONEY-BACK Guarantee and see for yourself if this System is worth your money! Frankly, I don’t want to keep a red-cent of your tuition unless you are absolutely ecstatic about everything you’ve learned.

Listen, I want you to succeed. It will make us both feel good and I’ll be sad if you don’t. And I won’t leave you hanging either, so feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions before, or after your purchase here:

I’m here for you, that’s why I included this:

Special Bonus: You Will Get The Full Presentation From Our Find, Fund, Fix and Flip Bootcamp
…Absolutely Free!

And a copy of my new Book,


7 Fundamentals of A Highly Successful Flip

Best of All,
-Over 20 Different Forms!!!

Still Not Sure?

Well, if that’s the case, I hate to break it to you, but if you’re still not sure then you are probably not very serious about changing your financial future. I’ve bought houses on credit cards before when I didn’t have a dime to my name, so if you’re not willing to pay $197 to change your financial future, then you just don’t want it bad enough, and like one of my mentors told me,

“Being a full-time investor is not for everyone, but that’s ok, because the world needs employees too…”

Are you gonna stay stuck in your rut, or take action and change your financial future?

This is your call to Action

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